Hua Qing

Hua Qing

130 x 230cm

Said Nothing Heard Nothing Saw Nothing 2018 130x230cm Oil on canvas


150 x 150 cm

The Thinker 2014 150x150cm Oil on Canvas


162 x 145 cm

Gaze 2018 162x145cm Oil on canvas


100 x 100 cm

The Law of Love (1) 2017 100x100cm Oil on canvas


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Artist’s View:



Orangutan is an important and consistent theme of my works. It is the symbol and representative of our human beings. We have advanced science and civilization. However, we are still animals scientifically. Therefore, we should treat all animals equally and learn how to live in harmony with nature.


Einstein’s formula and the primitive orangutan often emerge in my works. This is to achieve a contrasting effect, which produces a visual impact on the viewers and enable them to have unlimited imagination.


Artists should be simple and sensitive. So that they can focus their own eyes, their own thinking, and the corresponding object on the subject of the ultimate human mind, survival, love, death, relationship with nature, relief and so on. Although artists cannot accurately find the answer, relying on their sharp feeling, the artists show the world the context of the distant theme in a unique language. Artists are able to connect, feel and convey the information from the depth of the universe. The information is expressed in paintings or other forms of art and spread to more people.


Artists can show the glimpses of the society and explore the origin of human being, but not just indulge in glitz, exaggeration and superficial venting of frustration. They should not only pay attention to the fragments of daily life, but pay attention to human survival, the feelings of human beings. The humane spirit can evoke the vitality of our original innate power. Engaging their own sincerity, the artists could express most directly their greatest enthusiasm, pour in the compassionate feeling for all mankind in their works.


The artists have stories. The process of their works is the process of their thought. The answer is no longer important. In their own way of thinking and expression, the artist uses the work to indisputably prove their existence and that they live an “art” life.


Create a story, a world, go with it, and live together………


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