About Us





During our journey in life, we find time to admire scenery around us. When we enter a new era, we ponder over the wonderful part of the time that has passed. Art is precisely the society’s miniature.

Nanman Art was established in Singapore to publicize and promote fine art. It focuses on high quality original artworks. Based on strict standard used in art circle, Nanman Art constantly introduces oil painting, watercolor, Chinese ink painting, the print, the calligraphy, the photography and so on.

As a bridge between artists and the public, Nanman Art maintains that literature and art should serve the society. Art pieces must showcase the characteristic of the people and the community at different age and time. Through organizing exhibitions, forums and exchange programs, we try our best to present art pieces of various sects and styles to the world.

It is also our responsibility in discovering and introducing promising artists to the market. The platform provided by us is a good means for the young artists to develop their talent.



“南蛮艺苑” 是设立在新加坡以宣传和推广艺术品的机构。它注重高品质的艺术原作,严格按照艺术界的高水准,不断向社会推出油画、水彩、水墨画、版画、书法、摄影等。