Xu Xianwen 徐贤文

Xu Xianwen 徐贤文

Xu Xianwen (徐贤文) (b. 1956, Sichuan, China)

After Studying Chinese ink painting at the Sichuan Art College, Xianwen studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts from which he graduated in 1999. He is a member of Chinese Artists Association; Honorary President of Chinese Culture And Art Association. Presently, he lectures at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and oversees students of Master Degree in Arts.

Xu’s works have been shown in many exhibitions both domestically and internationally. Xu has received many awards including the first Chinese Literary Golden Eagle “Famous Artists Achievement Award”; Gold medal of “Chinese Literary Award for Outstanding Achievement – Chinese Painting and Calligraphy” Award; The Outstanding Chinese Contemporary Artist.

Xu has formed a new school of flower and bird paintings: majestic and complicated in composition, his works are rich and passionate. The birds and flowers in Xu’s paintings have been injected with a human temperament. His use of water is so skilful that no matter how huge the painting is or how complicated in the composition, the tone of the ink is always unrestrained and the dense and thick air and spirit are integrated in all his paintings.

He has more than 9 art books published, including 5 publications published together with other outstanding artists such as Wang Mingming (王明明), Zhang Lichen (张立辰), Huang Yongyu (黄永玉), Fanzeng (范增), Liu Dawei (刘大为), Liu Wenxi (刘文西), Sun Qifeng (孙其峰), Zhou Shaohua (周韶华), Wang Xijing (王西京)。