Li Zesong

Li Zesong

Li Zesong was born in the month of December, 1980 in Dali of Yunnan Province in China. Hegraduated from the Oil Painting Faculty of Yunnan Art Academy in July 2005. He is currently workingfulltime as an artist in Kunming of Yunnan province. Grown up in the eighties while China started its modernization, Zesong is free to paint what he likes. His paintings are created in unique personal style with strong contemporary characteristic. Many pieces of his paintings were selected to exhibit in numerous art exhibitions that were organized at national and provincial levels. Many art collectors love to acquire his works of art.


黑与白,极致的黑,纯静的白,没有杂质,简单,明了,没有太多浮华也没有过多的躁动,它只是安静的在那里,一如岁月,一如流年,一直未变… 生活依旧,每天有太多的琐事有太多的争执,安静的时候总不太多,老是生活在一个嘈杂浮动的世界,色彩太过复杂,有一种错乱感。 黑与白,很简单很实在… – – 李泽嵩


The black and the white, ultimate black, pristine white, without any impurity, simple and clear. Nottoo flashy and too much restless. They are there quietly without changes, year after years, life

remains the same. There are too much chores and disputes every day, but little time for

quietness. The world we live in is full of hassle and bustle; colours are too much of a complexity,

many a time, there is a sense of confusion. Black and white are very simple and realistic — Li Zesong