Infinite Love – Heng Eow Lin Oil Painting Exhibition

Heng Eow Lin is an outstanding artist in oil painting and sculpture. When studying at Nanyang Academy of Fine Art, Heng was guided by Lim Yew Kuan and Georgette Chen where he started off learning how to draw portraits. He then toured Europe for a year where he painted portraits for income. His works are known to be in the beauty of life in the human form. Hence, it is common to see a lot of human figures and images in Heng’s works. Such is the essence of Heng’s body of work that he uses his techniques to marvellously in his expressions not only through paintings but also in his sculptures as well.


  Since establishing himself as an artist, Heng has travelled the world where his works have been seen in major public and private galleries throughout. Among some of his notable works were exhibited in the likes of the Penang State Gallery, the Della Butcher Gallery in Singapore’s Hyatt Regency Hotel while they have also been seen in parts of Europe like London, France and Switzerland.